The 3 Secrets of Successful Business Performance

Ross Hunter, business coach

1. Leadership

You cannot lead others until you lead yourself. Any great person to have walked the planet has ultimately understood that being the best they could be in all respects required them to take charge of what they wanted from life and what elements needed to be understood to be the best they could be.

Leadership is about having absolute clarity around the vision you have for yourself, how life looks, how does my business look, which then enables you to validate the picture you have with a true sense of purpose. Purpose is a powerful element in leadership; it’s a dynamic ever changing aspect that creates enthusiasm and the ability to jump hurdles that appear on the path toward your vision.

Strong leaders build a platform of self-measure and accountability. This expectation then permeates to all corners of life albeit personal or business. As the saying goes, “what’s inspected is respected”.

Great leaders provide: vision, hope, change, motivation and absolute faith.

When you engage in a leadership workshop you are taking the key initiative of leadership – that is, taking control or the outcomes you desire and the responsibility to achieve them.

2. Strategic Planning

No journey, no mission has ever been successfully completed without a well thought out plan that has the ability to navigate you back on the right track if you happen to make the wrong turn.

What makes a plan successful, what makes a plan something you don’t bury in the filing cabinet but proudly display, that is your daily companion moving you closer and closer to the next check point of life? Goals are the answer!

Goals have been an important guide to anyone that has been dedicated to achieve what they decide upon, the true power of setting goals is to translate them into navigation points on your own strategic plan, and bring them to life as part of your calendar.

Strategic planning: where you currently are, what are the factors leading to that point, clearly understanding where you want to go and what are the elements required to get you there.

Developing your own “plan” will place you ahead of the masses, and becomes a reference point that will constantly be referred to so every meeting with your business coach has a distinct purpose and steps in place to move to the next stage of your plan.

3. Business Coaching

Success cannot be defined by a moment in time, it’s a measured trail of indelible impressions you leave in your wake.

Business coaching incubates some of the essential elements that are vital to move you and your business to the levels you decide upon. The third dimension of business coaching brings a peer/peer perspective into play regularly “checking and balancing” the agreed key performance indicators that will stretch you and your business performance.

Adding business coaching to your performance platform creates an environment where we remove the “historic” model and add a “now” model. Many businesses are challenged on their growth path simply because they rely upon historic data to gauge their performance; by moving into an accountable “now” model you are able to engineer the outcomes you desire.

Engaging a business coach, tapping into his experience and dynamic approach to business and using KPI’s to make everyone accountable means you’re serious about leveraging yourself and your business to achieve the outcomes you plan for, both personally and professionally.

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