Business Coaching

Add a third dimension to your life.

Business Coaching is an ongoing process that adds a third dimension to your life – a dimension of peer to peer perspective and regular checks and balances.

As your business coach, Ross regularly meets with you face-to-face, and phones you every week or fortnight.

Ross Hunter’s business coaching delivers understanding of two key aspects: what personal and professional outcomes you desire, and how to leverage your business (and those around you) to achieve those outcomes. Each coaching session aligns with your strategic plan, as established in an initial Leadership Workshop.

Every session with Ross will produce:

  • A verbal assessment of your current place in your strategic plan,
  • Checking and balancing” of key performance indicators, and
  • A list of action tasks designed to move you closer to your desired outcomes.

As the former CEO of one of New Zealand’s major real estate brands, Ross has the business and leadership experience to guide you, as a peer, towards your own business goals. Ross’s coaching sessions maintain the purpose and enthusiasm needed to live your vision.

Ensure your strategic business plan can continue your evolution of success – contact Ross on 0412 999 976 to begin customised, outcomes-driven Business Coaching.