Leadership Workshops

Take control of the outcomes you desire.

Great leaders understand that to reach their potential, they must take control of the outcomes they desire. Develop clarity about your desires, and you can create a solid plan for success, backed by a powerful sense of purpose.

In this customised, one-on-one Leadership Workshop, Ross will help you focus on creating that purpose. You’ll create a map for success by establishing a crystal clear vision for your business, and for your life.

In each workshop, Ross works with you for one or two days in your chosen location, using a mind-map format. During which, Ross will assist you to:

  • Achieve absolute clarity about your desired life outcomes,
  • Establish how your business will help you realise these outcomes, and
  • Create a strategic plan that maps out key goals as navigation points for success.

Your strategic plan’s checks and balances will guide your business direction long after the initial workshop is over – supported by optional, ongoing Business Coaching.

As the former CEO of one of New Zealand’s major real estate brands, Ross understands your position as a leader. His extensive experience and keen insight will ignite the purpose and enthusiasm needed to achieve your vision.

Take the first step in creating your own crystal clear vision – contact Ross on 0412 999 976 to book a customised, one-on-one Leadership Workshop with Ross Hunter.